Energy healing for animals

Hello there.

I'm so happy you popped in. Are you looking for help for your pet or other animal friend?

I work with cats, dogs, horses, birds, lizards... just about any type of animal.

My services include sessions to:

  • Identify the source of a behavioral, emotional or physical issue (you may be surprised what it is!)
  • Reduce or eliminate physical pain or discomfort
  • Reduce or eliminate emotional issues

I do "remote" work, which means your pet or animal friend can be anywhere in the world. Distance doesn't matter.

I'm here to help. Explore my site to learn more about what I do, read the wonderful success stories, and request a session for your loved one!

Need help? Here's how to get started

First, you fill out a request form and include a photo of your pet or animal friend. Then we'll connect by email, phone or Skype so I can learn more about the issue you want addressed. 

After we connect, I go to work on the issue. Your pet/animal friend can be across the street from me or on the other side of the globe; location doesn't matter.

(Yep, remote/nonlocal healing seems mind-boggling, unless you're a quantum physicist. And even if you are, it's still mind-boggling!)

Sound good? Request a session now. Or, feel free to contact me if you have questions about what I do.

Energy healing for pets

"Thanks for your work on Quenby. She's doing great and gaining lots of weight."

About 8 Doves


Why 8 Doves? Here's the short-version story.

Not long ago, I noticed eight doves sitting on the fence outside my bedroom window. Throughout the day, all eight would leave and return to the fence. When I went for a walk, a family of quail ran across the street in front of me. I counted them... eight.

I pay attention to synchronicities involving numbers. There's a lot more to the story, of course. Suffice it to say, I knew that the appearance of the birds was to encourage me to finally embrace my gifts and "come out" as the healer I've always been.

Learning the ropes...

My introduction to energy healing began in the early 90s, when I discovered Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), developed by Scott Walker, D.C. I personally experienced its power innumerable times. I watched it work beautifully for both humans and animals. One of the most endearing cases was helping a dog, who was going blind, release the need to protect his family.

After working in the Walkers' training business, I learned several other related techniques, including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I believed these powerful healing methods were the Best Thing Ever, and that the whole world should know about them. I joined the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), attended their annual conferences, and eventually served on their board as communications director and marketing director.

I love this stuff.

I couldn't live without it. Although I've practiced many different energy healing techniques, my favorite is my own mashup. Trade secret 🙂 A few things have held me back from offering energy healing professionally. I had to wait for the time to be right: for the rigorous studies to be done that proved these methods work; for more people to accept them; for me to gain the confidence to step out from behind the curtain. That time has come.

And I've chosen to work primarily with animals. They are much less complicated than humans and normally respond quickly to energy work. If your pet or animal friend is experiencing a behavioral, emotional or physical issue that isn't resolving using traditional methods, consider an energy healing session with me. I'd love to help!

"Our sweet elderly cat had a stroke. She had trouble standing, walking and eating, and she'd lost a lot of weight. After Lana worked on her, she could walk much better and regained her appetite. She's doing great now and we're so grateful!"

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